It is now over 25 years since the first Flat Cats leapt from the imagination of their designers Graeme Smith and Kathee Lawrence (now Kathee Gunn). At that time Kathee licensed the Flat Cats and Flat Dogs concept around the world, but it is only now that our American dog and cat loving friends have the opportunity to share in the fun of being FLAT.

These days the Flat Cats and Flat Dogs business is led by Kathee’s husband, entrepreneur and animal lover, Tony Gunn, who has an outstanding reputation in operating branded merchandise businesses in a number of countries.

 Looking to the future, Tony and his team are designing even more Flat Cat and Flat Dog products for humans who love their fur-babies.

 How Tony can be contacted.


Flat Cats became the first of our much-loved ‘characters with cattitude’. They were joined a short time later by Flat Dogs, and now these feline and canine families happily coexist on our flagship product - our premium quality Flat Cats and Flat Dogs Umbrella.

 Made from the very best long-lasting materials, our sturdy yet lightweight umbrella has been beautifully crafted with dog and cat lovers in mind. Its stylish black and white design fits the bill whether you are making your way to work, taking a walk in the park, or keeping your little black dress dry on more formal occasions.

Our Flat Cats and Flat Dogs Umbrella folds easily and is small enough to fit into your purse or luggage or under your car seat. Its Teflon coated canopy repels water and, important, dries quickly.

 It is the ideal gift for all of the animal lovers in your life, so buying one for yourself and one for a friend is purr-fectly justifiable!

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