Flat Dog Enamel Pin - DOTTY

FLAT DOG Enamel Pin - DOTTY - A unique and beautifully finished enamel pin. Guaranteed to create that wow moment.

Decorate your apron, jacket, hat, backpack, with our family of FLAT DOG characters. Charming and cute. Enamel Pins are a great gift for all ages. Enamel Pins are adorable, well designed and beautifully finished.

Enamel Pin consists of two parts the connection pin on the back and the character design on the front. The pin has a butterfly clip that fits on the back holding it firmly to the display structure. Easy to open or close with the pinch of your fingers. 

Our FLAT DOG ENAMEL PIN is a perfect gift for yourself, family member or a friend. 


  • FLAT DOG Enamel Pins are made from polished synthetic enamel and metal.
  • The color design is stylish black and white.
  • All pins have a safety latch on the back for easy attachment or removal.
  • The Enamel Pin measure around 4 cm. 

Why you will Love and Cherish our Pins

Our FLAT DOG Enamel Pin “DOTTY” is an adorable companion on any bag, hat, or jacket. Make your friends and family smile, give a FLAT DOG enamel pin gift today.

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